An assumption underlying HazPax workshop training is that participants are bright people who already posses all of the observational and interpersonal skills needed to identify and manage unruly passengers. HazPax training provides a commonsense framework in which to effectively apply those skills.

Note: HazPax training does not include physical defense or restraint training.

One-day HazPax workshop

Intended participants: 

Frontline, passenger-contact employees
(e.g., flight attendants, gate agents, ticket agents)


8 hours

Workshop accommodation:

Limited to 30 participants

Workshop participants learn to:
✈︎ Differentiate offensive from hostile behavior
✈︎ Follow company requirements, authorizations, and expectations
✈︎ Understand the antecedents of passenger hostility and rage
✈︎ Mitigate the emotional affects of personal confrontation
✈︎ Anticipate and defuse passenger hostility
✈︎ Manage groups of hostile passengers
✈︎ Respond when hostility turns violent
✈︎ Report passenger abuse

Two-day HazPax facilitator workshop

Intended participants: 

Passenger-service and cabin-crew managers and trainers


16 hours

Workshop accommodation: 

Limited to 20 participants

Day one

Facilitators complete the one-day workshop outlined above

Day two
Facilitators are guided in adapting
HazPax workshop material to
their particular teaching style and to the company’s scheme.

All participants receive a set of adaptable training materials that include:
✈︎ A facilitator guide
✈︎ A student workbook
✈︎ A PowerPoint™ training presentation on CD or thumb drive
✈︎ Master templates of participant exercises

HazPax training is sometimes traditional, occasionally unconventional, very hands-on, and always pragmatic. Workshop participants learn by doing, remember by having done, and enjoy the process. 

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