Integrated policies, procedures and training can meet the challenge of managing unruly passenger behavior.

Policy Development

It is imperative to have in place a company-wide policy that defines disruptive behavior and delineates what employee actions are authorized, required, allowed and prohibited when confronting unruly passengers. Certainly, establishing clear criteria of unruly passenger behavior and appropriate response parameters are necessary before any operational fine-tuning of flight- or ground-crew training can begin. A behavioral policy is developed by drawing on actual and/or probable incidents of hostile passenger behavior and applying relevant governmental, industry, association, and company guidelines. Terry can help.

Operational Adaptation

The behavior of unruly passengers may be mitigated by modifying the operations in which passenger-contact employees function. This is accomplished by identifying and changing environmental, procedural and/or managerial factors that contribute to passenger hostility. Terry can help.

Employee Training

HazPax workshop training programs are based on each individual airline’s behavioral policies and its operational procedures. From that basis, actual and/or probable incidents of hostile passenger behavior are used to develop early identifiers of hazardous passenger behaviors and to formulate appropriate response protocols to manage those behaviors. Done in cooperation with the airline’s flight operations, training, security, compliance, human resources and legal professionals, HazPax workshop training fits seamlessly into current training programs. Terry can help.

Organizational Presentation

Terry is a compelling speaker who mixes relevant information about anger, alcohol, altitude, confinement, fright, confrontation, hostility and behavior management with humor. He entertains his audiences while delivering practical, useful, real-world advice that can be applied immediately. Terry’s approach to public speaking is unique, his delivery is lively, and his audiences take note.

HazPax services are compatible with the Guidance on Unruly Passenger Prevention and Management (IATA, 2015).

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